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Lego Mindstorms Training Course (Module 1)

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An Introduction to Lego Mindstorms

Part 1: Getting started

  • Preparing your EV3 set
  • Building first robot
  • Creating and modifying programs
  • Working with programming blocks action blocks
  • Waiting, repeating, my blocks and multitasking

Part 2: Programming Robots with Sensors

  • Understanding Sensors
  • Using the Color Sensor
  • Using the Infrared Sensor
  • Using the Brick Buttons and Rotation Sensors

Part 3: Robot-Building Techniques

  • Building with beams, axles, connector blocks, and
  • Building with gears

Part 4: Vehicle and animal robots

  • Formula EV3: A racing robot
  • ANTY: The robotic ant

Part 5: Creating advanced programs

  • Using data wires
  • Using data operations blocks and my blocks with data wires
  • Using constants and variables
  • Playing games on the EV3

Part 6: Machine and humanoid robots

  • The SNATCH3R: The Autonomous robotic arm
  • LAVAR3X: The humanoid that walks and talks

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