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Intro to Programming

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Part I: What Is JavaScript? Alert! JavaScript Is Awesome! 

1: Programming the Web

  • What Is Programming? 
  • Talking to Computers 
  • Choosing a Language
  • What Is JavaScript? 
  • Get Your Browser Ready
  • Opening the Web Developer Tools
  • Introducing the JavaScript Console
  • Running Your First JavaScript Commands
  • Having Fun with Math 

2: Understanding Syntax

  • Saying Precisely What You Mean
  • Making a Statement 
  • Following the Rules

3: Giving and Receiving Data

  • Mastering Variables
  • Understanding Data Types 
  • Prompting the User for Input
  • Responding to Input
  • Combining Input and Output 

4: Fiddling with Web Applications

  • Introducing JSFiddle
  • Creating a JSFiddle Account
  • Sharing Your Fiddle
  • Saving Your App

Part II: Animating the Web 

5: JavaScript and HTML 

  • Writing HTML
  • Knowing Your HTML Elements 
  • Adding Attributes to Elements 
  • Changing HTML with JavaScript 

6: JavaScript and CSS

  • Meet Douglas the JavaScript Robot
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS Properties Give You Style 
  • Customize Your Own JavaScript Robot! 

7: Building an Animated Robot

  • Changing CSS with JavaScript
  • Make Douglas Dance!

Part III: Getting Operations 

8: Building Your Dream Car with Operands 

  • Knowing Your Operands
  • Working with Objects
  • Configuring Your Dream Car 

9: Putting It Together with Operators

  • Introducing the Super Calculator 
  • Super Calculator Tricks 

10: Creating Your Own JavaScript Word Game

  • Creating a Variable Story 
  • Creating the Word Replacement Game 

Part IV: Arrays and Functions

11: Creating and Changing Arrays

  • What Are Arrays? 
  • Creating and Accessing Arrays
  • Changing Array Element Values 
  • Working with Array Methods
  • Learning the Ways of Arrays 

12: Making It Functional 

  • Understanding Functions 
  • Knowing What Functions Are Made Of
  • Building Function Junction 

13: Creating a Wish List Program

  • Introducing the Wish List Program 
  • Forking the Code
  • Writing the HTML
  • Writing the JavaScript Code 

Part V: Freedom of Choice 

14: Making Decisions with the If...Else Statement 

  • Boolean Logic 
  • Introducing if...else Statements
  • Combining Comparisons with Logical Operators
  • Freshening Up the JavaScript Pizzeria

15: Doing Different Things with Switch

  • Writing a Switch 
  • Building the Activity‐of‐the‐Day Calendar

16: Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Planning the Story 
  • Playing the Game
  • Forking the Code
  • Tiptoeing through the HTML and CSS
  • Writing the Martian Rescue! JavaScript 

Part VI: Loops 

17: What’s This Loop For?

  • Introducing the for Loop
  • Random Weather Forecasting 

18: Using While Loops

  • Writing a while Loop 
  • Coding the Lunch Game 
  • Moving to Your Own Website 

19: Building a Lemonade Stand

  • Playing the Game
  • A Lesson in Business 
  • Building the Game
  • Improving the Lemonade Game 

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