You should be at the level of either Advanced Java or Advanced C#.NET or Advanced VB.NET or Advanced C++ .

Intended Audience

This OO Analysis course is for Java or C# Programmers who want to learn, understand, remember, and apply object-oriented analysis and design to real world projects, and write better software in the process
You need not be a UML expert, but we cover the basics of UML in the process

After this course you should be able to

    • Use OO principles like encapsulation and delegation to build applications that are flexible
    • Apply the Open-Closed Principle (OCP) and the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) to promote reuse of your code
    • Leverage the power of design patterns to solve your problems more efficiently
    • Use UML, use cases, and diagrams to ensure that all stakeholders are communicating clearly to help you deliver the right software that meets everyone’s needs.

Course Contents

Day 1

  • Well-designed apps rock
  • Gathering requirements

Day 2

  • Requirements change
  • Analysis

Day 3

  • Avoiding OO Catastrophe
  • Solving really big problems
Day 4

  • Systems Architecture
  • Design principles


Day 5

  • Iteration and testing
  • The OO A & D lifecycle

Duration and pricing

  • Full-time over 5 days (R8995 excl VAT)
  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Part-time over 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions (R10995 excl Vat)
  • Distance-learning over up to 3 months (R7995 excl Vat)


    • Upon completion of this course you will receive an attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
    • You have the option to get the competency / academic certificate if you hand in a project (pre-approved) covering most of the topics in the book, within 3 months
    • The project is useful for unemployed students who want to enter the job market. This project and certificate can be used to show employers your abilities.


On the calender on this page below. This course is repeated approximately once every 6 weeks, unless a customised specific booking is requested via email.
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