Java Spring Framework 3


Thorough knowledge of Java Enterprise Edition, at least at the level of our Beginning JEE course.

Intended Audience

This course is for Java EE Developers who wants to learn the Spring Framework.

Course Material

Included in the course price.

Course Contents

 Saturday 1

  • Introduction to Spring
  • Advanced Spring IoC Container
  • Spring AOP and AspectJ Support

Saturday 2

  • Scripting in Spring
  • Spring Security
  • Integrating Spring with other Web Frameworks
  • Spring Web Flow

Saturday 3

  • Spring @ MVC
  • Spring REST
  • Spring and Flex
Saturday 4

  • Grails
  • Spring Roo
  • Spring Testing
  • Spring Portlet MVC Framework

Saturday 5

  • Data Access problems with direct JDBC
  • Transaction Management in Spring
  • EJB, Spring Remoting and Web Services


Duration and pricing

  • Part-time over 4 weeks (2 nights per week, 3 hour sessions) (R9995 excl Vat) or 8 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions) (R9995 excl Vat)
  • Distance-learning over up to 6 months (R6995 excl Vat)


1. Upon completion of this course we will issue you with attendance certificate to certify your attendance and / or completion of the prescribed minimum examples.
2. You have the option to get the competency / academic certificate if you :
hand in a project (pre-approved) covering most of the topics in the book.


Our Spring framework courses are only delivered part-time and scheduled on demand. If you want to book,
please email us with your desired dates bearing in mind it could be done over 8 weekday evenings or 8 Saturdays or a combination of both.


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