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Lego Junior Training Course (Module 2)

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What do I need?




An Introduction to Lego Junior

  • What Is Lego Junior?
  • Why Was Lego Junior Created?
  • Who Is This Course For?
  • What Do You Need?
  • What's in This Course?
  • How Should You Use The Tools?

 Part 1: Moving with the Move Hub

  • Moving on wheels
  • Moving with crawler tracks
  • Suspended vehicles
  • Walking machines
  • Moving like an inchworm
  • Other ways to move

Part 2:Using the Interactive motor

  • Spinning things
  • Changing speed with gears
  • Changin the direction of rotation
  • Changing the orientation of rotation
  • Swinging mechanisms
  • Reciprocating mechanisms
  • Rack-and-pinion gears
  • Cam mechanisms
  • Off-center axes of rotation
  • Chomping bots
  • Gripping fingers
  • Little things
  • Flapping wings
  • Rotating wheels with the Interactive Motor
  • Walking with the Interactive Motor
  • Shooting things
  • Changing the angle of rotation freely
  • Creating wind
  • Moving up and down while torating things
  • Stepper mechanism
  • Using attachments to change motion
  • Changeover mechanisms using rotational direction
  • Part 3: More exciting ideas

    • Using the Color and Distance Sensor
    • Automamtic Doors
    • Launching Rockets
    • Drawing with a pen
    • Using turntables
    • Changing direction by steering
    • Cars that work together
    • More ways to use the Color and Distance Sensor
    • using the Move Hub's Tilt Sensor
    • Using Motor A and Motor B for digfferent Purposes
    • More ideas?

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